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Here are the Weekly 'Happenings' around the Lake!


 Wednesday, November 22nd at Duffers' Tavern 

Thanksgiving Eve Party

Kurt Thomas and His Fabulous One-Man Band - Duffers' at 9 p.m.


Thursday, November 23rd at Lakeview Lodge

 Thanksgiving Buffet - 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. 


Friday, November 24th at Pirate's Cove

 Live Music Friday - Brandon Giuffre  - Pirate's Cove at 8 p.m.


 Saturday, November 25th at Duffers' Tavern 

Tyler Wigfield - Duffers' at 9 p.m.  



Zone Information

Aqua Water Line Flushing


Division/SystemTreasure Lake

Start9/29/2017 12:00:00 AM    End11/15/2017 12:00:00 AM

ProjectProject :Bay Road:Replacing OLD 12" A/C waterline with NEW 8" ductile iron waterline for increased water quality, fire protection & Reliability. Total length of these project is 3165 feet. The affected lane of the roadway will be milled and repaved, per the city ordinance. 






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 Attention Property Owners:

Please review the 2017-2018 Budget Breakdown including the updated Assessment Fees by clicking the link below. 


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ALSO: PLEASE NOTICE THE LINKS to DOCUMENTS in the left side of this page. Here you can find information about current and upcoming events related to Treasure Lake. Not only can you find flyers that provide details about events and specials, but also you can find downloadable forms related to some of these events. Oftentimes there are too many events to show in the sidebar - in this case, you will see numbers (1,2,...) at the bottom of the sidebar to advance to the next series of events/specials/forms.

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